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Saturday, September 3, 2011

#071 Ladies Apparel 2011

Code : LL1374
Weight : 140g
Pricee : RM33

Material: Cotton
Measurement: Length: 85cm, Sleeve Length: right-17cm left-12cm, Bust: 80cm-90cm, sleeve: 23cm, Hem Width: 74cm

材质成分 :棉
商品尺码 :均码 
详细尺寸 :全长:85cm,袖长:左-17cm 右-12cm,胸围:80cm-90cm,袖口:23cm,下摆宽:74cm

Code : LL1348
Weight : 250g
Price : RM39.50

Material: Cotton (elastic strength)
Measurement : Length: 75cm, Shoulder Width: 30cm, Bust: 78cm-90cm Waist: 60cm-80cm, Arm: 36cm, Hem Width: 90cm

材质成分 : 棉(弹力强)
商品尺码 :均码 
详细尺寸 : 全长:75cm,肩宽:30cm,胸围:78cm-90cm腰围:60cm-80cm,手臂围:36cm,下摆宽:90cm

Code : LL1557
Weight : 200g
Price : RM31

Material: Crystal Hemp + Cotton (elastic strength)
Colours: Red, Blue

Measurement: Bust: 68 ~ 88cm, length: 78cm

材质成分 :水晶麻+棉(弹性强)
可选颜色 :红色、蓝色(2色入)
商品尺码 :均码
详细尺寸 :胸围:68~88cm, 全长:78cm

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